Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The other day I posted my paintings of Tyke and Fritz
I also did them in an illustrated style -


  1. Hello!

    these are really nice to look at! Speaking from what I see on the photos I would say you really "nailed" their character. (is this the proper term in English?)

  2. Thank you Paula!
    Yes, that is the proper term and a compliment! Thanks very much!

  3. I'm sure you are sick of me popping up on your blogs today, but perhaps it's due to your manifesting recently! It struck me while looking at your art that you should do greeting cards. I don't usually crave such things, but looking at your art, I very much want Christmas cards with your style. Why don't you create and sell cards and commit to a percentage of the profits going to animal rescue? You seem to be a person who would need to "give back" in order to "do" for yourself. And, you so need to start doing for yourself. It is no sin to take care of yourself along with caring for all the little ones in your life! Anyway, I want to be your first customer. I'm putting in an order for 2 boxes of Christmas greeting cards with 13 in each box (cuz 13 is my lucky number) and two different designs. Please use a ginger colored terrier in one of the designs, I lost my rescue dog Ginger in 1992 and have not gotten over it yet. Let me know what I owe you for the cards, as I will pay you for the cards up front to help get you started. Name your card company (like Cynthia Meyers Caring Cards) and put a sign up on the wall with a "over $1,000,000.00 of cards sold to date". If you can see it, it will happen. sugarkellis@yahoo.com ...email and let me know what I owe you!

  4. Oh! At Rivercrest Cottage! LOL!
    I was so sick today that I'm late getting to my blogs.
    What a surprise.
    I need to go to your blog and find out your name...
    and I will email you tomorrow, when my head is clearer and I can think.
    Of course I will do the cards for you. Let me get back on my feet and I'll figure it out.
    Thanks so much for all your comments and kind words.