Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tyke and Fritz!

I have gotten so far behind in posting my work!
Early last Spring I did paintings of an adorable dog, Eskimo dog and a sweet Wire-haired Dachshund.
Here's Tyke and Fritz -

Their mom, Anne wanted something Bright and in a Folk Art style.
so I layered up the paper and paint and here's the results. -

Anne was Happy, so I'm Happy!


    the new header on your other blog is lovely. but i immediately missed BLUE! so i clicked on his picture on the sidebar and kept going and wound up here. i'm so happy i did. i have fallen in love with blue.
    but then i've seldom met a dog i don't fall in love with. i just love all dogs. but some... like my zeke... and maisie... and blue... well. oh. and jack in australia... LOL.
    i wish you could just quit 9 to 5 . . . which . . . who are they KIDDING? is never 9 to 5.
    and i wish you could live in a cool artist's colony type town and have a lovely space for all your fur children and your painting and just paint fabulous pictures and maybe even illustrate children's books! YOU'RE A NATURAL FOR THAT!!! XO

  2. Tammy! You are making my day.
    Yes, that would be the dream. To stay home and just create.
    Maybe someday! I'm actually working on a children's book right now about my cat Kanga.
    and then of course I have been thinking of doing a series of books on Blue.
    It was hard for me to take Blue off my header but the black background template was giving me fits with the words on my posts, refusing to show up. So I gave up and went with grey...and then I decided to put the black cat there....for now.
    xoxo - Cindi